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Map Template for SEBLOD 2.1.0
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Map Template for SEBLOD displays any list of items (ie locations) with an interactive Google Map.

  • Great for business directories, events, social maps, Real Estate listings and much more!
  • Can get coordinates from standard address fields
  • Custom fields in marker popups
  • Highly configurable
Views 1,280 Downloads 4
Version 2.1.0 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2017-10-12
Website JED Developer Octopoos
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 30 € EUR

Maps is a special template for a List and Search Type that displays a Google map with a set of markers. The markers are created dynamically in one of two modes: geo coordinates taken directly from latitude and longitude fields in the content type or from a set of standard address fields like Street, City, State/Province, Zip Code and Country.

The template has a dedicated position to place fields for the marker popup.
Other parameters include the size of the map, common settings for the Google Map UI like show pan, show zoom, show map type, etc. There is also a choice of marker icon, marker animation and more.

After installing Maps in the normal Joomla extension manager, you will need to define it in the SEBLOD template manager. Go to Construction->Templates and choose NEW. Add a title, under Name choose “seb_maps” and for Type choose “list”. Then save in close. Now it will be an available template for the Item view of a List & Search Type.
This template does not include master clustering when you zoom out.

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Map Template for SEBLOD 2.1.0
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