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JMG Disable Google Font 5.1.19
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The plugin automatically detects all external Google Fonts references on Joomla websites and removes them easily and reliably. To preserve the display of the website anyway, the plugin installs the Google fonts locally. According to the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the use of Google fonts via an external Google server is not privacy compliant. This plugin disables all external Google fonts added to your source code by your template or by other extensions and embeds them locally. After activating the plugin, make sure that all links to the Google Font Server (such as: https: //fonts.googleapis.com ....) have been removed from the source code. If it works properly, the following comment should be displayed in the source code: - removed external google font - Please inform yourself about the use of DSGVO compliant Google fonts. The site operator must make sure about the functionality of the plugin and the removal of external Google Fonts. We do not assume any liability for data protection violations.

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Version 5.1.19 Created
System Joomla 3 & 4 Changed 2022-12-10
Website JED external Developer JMG external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 33.32 € EUR

The integration of external Google fonts violates Art. 5 (1) GDPR.

Many websites use external Google Fonts. If you embed Google Fonts as Google suggests, connections to Google servers are established. The fonts are loaded from a Google server and this is not DSGVO compliant.
Why not use Google Fonts?Google Fonts loads the fonts from the Google CDN by default.
In the process, some data is transmitted to Google. For example:    Your IP address
    the visited website
    the device or model used
    the browser usedThis allows Google to create a user profile of you and, for example, display relavant advertising. Thus, depending on the use case, the use of Google Fonts usually violates the GDPR.

The plugin automatically detects all external Google Fonts on Joomla websites and removes them easily and reliably.

After installing JMG Disable Google Font, the plugin will automatically search for Google Fonts whenever a page is accessed on your website.

Check the result with the Google Fonts Checker https://sicher3.de/google-fonts-checker/. Please make sure that after installing the plugin, all external Google Fonts have been removed from your website.

Does the plugin also install the fonts locally whose connections to Google are disabled?

Yes, starting from version 5.0.0 the Google fonts are installed locally and the display of your website is preserved. The plugin detects which Google fonts your website uses and automatically stores them locally on your web server.

Please note: The order of the plugin. It must be started last.

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6 months ago
Please update to v5.1.21.
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