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Youstorage News Slider 1.0.4
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YouStorage News Slider  is new edition to our list of Joomla! News Sliders. Equiped with beautifull Mootools animations and plenty of options. WEB 2.0 style and enhanced module admin. You can also create custom module  templates for YouStorage News Slider Simply copy modules/mod_youstorage_slider/tmpl/Default folder , rename it to your own template name and edit default.php within your template folder to your liking.


Once you have created your module template , your template name will be visible in module settings under parameter Select default Module Template. You can also copy your template folder to your template/html/mod_youstorage_slider/ folder and create custom overides for each module instance. To get you started we have created blank module template name New.

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Youstorage News Slider 1.0.4
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