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Droptables is the only table manager for Joomla that offers a real spreadsheet interface to manage tables like excel, google sheet. Plus, all the tables can be managed from your editor. Create table, apply some really cool themes and start playing with the content. Table copy, table category, some calculation functions are in the inner part of the toy. As Droptables is fully managed from your editor, it works both frontend and backend in the same way.

Usually tables require HTML/CSS knowledge, this is no longer the case, this extension is really easy for beginners. You can apply style on lines, columns and you have a style editor for each cell.

Definitively the powerful and easy to use table manager for Joomla.

Main features

  • Manage tables like in a spreadsheet
  • 6 themes included
  • Fully managed from any editor
  • AJAX automatic saving
  • Sortable data on frontend
  • Cell, line, column style editor
  • Resize line and column with drag'n drop
  • Advanced responsive mode with column display priority
  • Excel import
  • CSV import
  • ODT import
  • Excel export
  • Create chart from your table data
  • Set multiple table lines height
  • Set multiple columns width
  • HTML editor in HTML cell format (a WYSIWYG editor for each cell)
  • Copy cell with drag'n drop
  • Copy the full table in one click
  • HTML cells format
  • Price grid theme
  • Apply border, border radius, box shadow
  • Feature comparison theme
  • Advanced css addition for each table
  • Padding and border-radius background
  • Advanced CSS code editor
  • Frontend table edition
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4 years ago
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