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Sidekick 1.0.0
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Sidekick is a dedicated Joomla extension with the mission to make Joomla developer's life easier and better. Less time for work and more time for your family.

Views 426 Downloads 12
Version 1.0.0 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2019-12-01
Website JED Developer Solidres Team
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 39 $ EUR

Source Tree

Source Tree is a simple yet powerful file manager, it does not include too many features like another advanced file manager, therefore, it works faster and more efficient. Source Tree allows you to browse files and directories in your Joomla site, it also allows you to perform actions on files and folders like editing, downloading, uploading, renaming, deleting, compressing. One of the strongest features of Source Tree is the code search which allows you to search through all files and folders in your Joomla site, it is helpful when you develop or debug your online Joomla site when your advanced text editor or IDE is almost useless.

Log rotation & Log viewer

The log rotation feature allows you to rotate log files by deleting it or compress & store it when it reaches the thresholds that you set the number of days or the log file size. It is extremely helpful for the site which has a lot of activity in log files and you want to have better control over them. You can also view all of your log files via Sidekick UI easily without having to download it to view locally or using a FTP program.

Variable dumping for debugging remotely and conveniently

Do you still debug your online site with var_dump or echo statements? Or do you find it time-consuming to set up xdebug on the online site? Let forget all of them and start using Sidekick variable dumping for debugging remotely in a clean and new way with the help of Chrome’s PHP Console extension, more details can be found in our tutorial.

One click to toggle Joomla development mode and clean Joomla cache

Are you tired of having to enable Joomla Debug System, then change the Error Reporting and disable the Joomla Cache each time you want to debug a Joomla site, then revert all of them when you are done? Let Sidekick simplifies them for you with just one click.

Backup and restore modules for each installed template

If you have to work on multiple Joomla templates in a single Joomla site, each template has different module positions system, you will find it is a nightmare to adjust the module positions each time after you switched your template. The Sidekick can back up the modules for each template and restore them with just one click, it makes working with multiple Joomla templates a lot easier than before.

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