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Store Manager for VirtueMart
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A unique solution to optimize everyday management of your back office, Store Manager for VirtueMart is an application that allows you to manage your store at ligntning speed.

Store Manager for VirtueMart allows you to multiply your management performances by 100 times or more. This invaluable time gained on a daily basis can then be spent much more productively on developing your turnover!So, no time to waste...try it out right now on your own e-shop! Manage your store on the fly in no time at all!


  • Direct connection to the [MySQL database| (no additional php modules or server changes needed!)
  • Database backup/Restore - keep your data safe
  • Store Configuration - edit all store settings in one window
  • Instant Changes - all changes you made applied to your store immediately, no synchronization, no delayed updates
  • Offline Mode - use [PHP MySQL| bridge to create offline connection that does not require persistent connection
  • User friendly interface. Only few required options - do your job but not waste your time investigating the program
  • Simple and quick installation. Just run installer and click Next several timer, no unintelligible options and parameters
  • Supports latest [MySQL| versions including MySQL5. MySQL compressed protocol support for better speed
  • Encrypted Passwords for increased security

Multilanguage Support

  • Multilanguage support feature in Store Manager Preference window is available (you can get fresh language translations online)

Category Management

  • Create, edit, delete, copy&paste category
  • Manage category tree using drag-and-drop feature
  • Manage category images, automatically resize and upload
  • Export categories from your shopping cart database into Excel/HTML file
  • Import categories from files provided by your supplier into your VirtueMart store database

Product Management

  • Create, edit, delete, copy&paste, clone products using corresponding buttons, context menu options or drag-and-drop feature
  • Manage product names and descriptions for multiple languages if you have multi-language store
  • Edit product description using HTML editor
  • Manage product images, automatically resize and upload
  • Assign multiple categories to product(s) at once
  • Easy product navigation. Quick product search and multi-store search with advanced search options, multiple filters and much more
  • Export products from your shopping cart database into Excel/HTML file
  • Import products from files provided by your supplier into your VirtueMart store database
  • Update products using Excel/HTML file from your supplier
  • Quickly manage product attributes using Extended attribute editor
  • Add, edit, delete attributes, options and value
  • Copy&Paste feature allows you to copy attributes from one product and paste them into multiple products at once

Mass Product Changer

  • Change prices of multiple products by percentage or value, set fixed values for thousands of products at once
  • Set smart prices, i.e. 9,99 instead of 10,00, for all of your products
  • Modify products quantity
  • Change Product Status for great amount of products at once
  • Set “On Sale” Property for your products with a few clicks
  • Use Advanced Modifier to change prices by formulas

Import/Export Wizard

  • Export products, categories, product manufactures, suppliers, customers and orders from your shopping cart database into Excel/HTML file using simple Import/Export Wizard
  • Easily import products, categories into your VirtueMart store database.
  • Automatically create category tree while importing or assign multiple categories
  • Set default values for any database field
  • Perform calculations while importing products (like add 20% to product price)

Customer Management

  • Add, edit, delete customers and their data
  • Track customers' orders
  • Filter customers by time period or ordered products
  • Exports customer data into Excel/HTML files to use with other bulk email programs

Order Management

  • Preview orders and orders’ details
  • Filter orders by time period
  • Export orders from your database into Excel/HTML files for further analysis

Multi Store Management

  • Easily manage multiple stores switching between different databases right within Store Manager with Quick connection switch option

Product Manufacturers Management

  • Easily add, edit, delete product manufactures
  • Export product manufactures or suppliers from your shopping cart database into Excel/HTML file

Product Suppliers Management

  • Add, edit, delete product suppliers
  • Export product suppliers from your shopping cart database into Excel/HTML file


  • Nearly 10 built-in reports covering sales, inventory and customer data
  • Easily create, modify your own reports
  • Print reports, save as an image, PDF file or a table
  • Compare data from different areas of your business
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