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Downloads for Sale for VirtueMart 1.9
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Downloadable products (both free and paid files) and file attachments to products for VirtueMart 2 and 3.

This is a plugin for Virtuemart 2 and 3 to sell files, or provide files attached to a purchased product (e.g. drivers). The file can either be free for all (no registration, no payment), only for registered users of your site, or only available after a product has been purchased and paid. For paid attachments, once the order has been confirmed, the download link will appear both on the product page and in the invoice / order confirmation (its appearance is configurable). Furthermore, a "Your Downloads" area shows all authorized files of the current user and allows anonymous users to access purchased products with their order password.

In contrast to other downloads plugins for VirtueMart, this plugin tries to be as simple and straightforward as possible: Once a user bought a product, access to the file is granted, without any (time or download count) limits.

What this plugin tries to do:

  • Allow free files (attached to VirtueMart products) for everyone
  • Allow free files (attached to VirtueMart products) only for registered (and logged-in) users
  • Sell downloadable files in VirtueMart, with no restrictions attached (a buyer will have unrestricted access after purchase, i.e. no time limit or by number of downloads)
  • The direct download link will be displayed on the product's page as well as in the invoice (configurable)
  • Download of paid downloads requires the ordernumber and order password (given in the link)
  • Provide a nice "Your Downloads" area to see all authorized downloads on one page

What this plugin does NOT do:

  • Give access to files only for a limited period of time, or for a limited number of access attempts
  • Keep track of who accesses a file
  • Give streaming access to movie or audio files
Only registered and logged in users can download this file.
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